Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY Spring Wreath: Saw It, Pinned It, Did It!

Spring is in the air, at least in Dallas! I've been wanting to make this wreath ever since I saw this version on Pinterest! This project took an entire morning, but was SO fun for Tyler and I to work on together. We just had golf on in the background and I would randomly bust out some Lady A - Downtown - since it's been stuck in my head for days!

Supplies Needed:
- Styrofoam Wreath
- Natural Jute or Colorful Twine
- Fabric (at least 4 options) of your choice
- Scissors
- Cotton Balls
- Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
- Thread and sewing needle
- Tacks or Straight Pins
- Bird and Flower templates

Step 1: Gather all  materials.
Step 2: With your hot glue gun, adhere the jute at a starting point on the wreath. Keep going around the wreath placing a dot of glue sporadically throughout the wreath (every 20th wrap or whatever is needed).
The completed wrap!
Step 3: Cut your birds out using this template from Ashley at Cherished Bliss (just scroll down her post a bit and you'll find the birdie template). Make sure that you reverse the bird for the other side, so the correct side of the fabric shows.
Step 4: Attach the wing to the front portion of the bird. Didn't Tyler do a great job?! We don't have a sewing machine, so we did this by hand.
Step 5: Sew the two sides of the bird together, leaving a gap at the tail. Tear a cotton ball(s) and insert through the gap (We used a pencil). Once the bird is stuffed to your liking, finish sewing until complete.
Repeat steps 3-5 for the smaller birds.
Step 6: Trace flowers onto your fabric of choice. I Googled 'Flower Template', decided on a pattern, then traced it on a sheet of paper and cut it out for tracing to the fabric.
Step 7: Using straight pins (or thumb tacks), attach the birds and the flowers to the wreath.
Step 8: Using ribbon or colorful twine, hang the wreath and ENJOY!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the end result! I would suggest not using the Natural Jute, if you've got a dark stained wooden door... you can tell with mine that there's not much color differentiation. I would also place the Styrofoam wreath on your door and walk out to the street (or across the street) to see if it will be "big" enough - this way you can exchange it if it doesn't work.. I didn't do this and the wreath looks teeny-tiny from the road.

Budget Breakdown:
Styrofoam Wreath: $2.99 (with Hobby Lobby Coupon)
Natural Jute: $3.99
Pattern Fabric 1: $4.99 (1/2 Yard)
Pattern Fabric 2: $4.99 (1/2 Yard)
Solid Fabric 1: $3.99 (1/2 Yard)
Solid Fabric 2: $3.99 (1/2 Yard)
Thread: $2.99
Glue Gun/Glue Sticks: Already Owned
TOTAL: $28.32

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.
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Happy Thursday!



  1. How adorable is that?! Great job!

  2. aww precious! I love the little sewn pretty and colorful!

  3. WOW! This is seriously incredible!! Y'all outdid yourselves!! Make one for me too, please?! Such a good way to use all that cute fabric you bought!!

  4. OMG stop being so cute! This is SO awesome!!!!!

  5. This wreath is awesome. I think my favorite part is the little birds, or the pattern of the fabric!
    Super cute! Stopping by from the linkup! :)

  6. So cute!! I've been wanting to try making my own wreath, and this might just be the inspiration I need!

  7. Love the pops of color! The little birdies are so precious too! Great job!

  8. So cute! I am always on the lookout for new wreath projects so I am pinning this one!

  9. This is too stinkin cute!! Love the fabrics!

  10. Beautiful! Stopping by from the linkup :)

  11. It's gorgeous and really makes me want to make one! Wreaths are SO addicting. Thank you for linking up with us girl!

  12. Oh. My. Gosh. You are so talented!! That wreath is unbelievable, way to go girl :)
    Just found your blog from Ashley's post and I just spent about 15 minutes looking around! Love everything I see and can't wait to keep reading. Hopefully we can continue to get to know each other!


  13. Girl, this is the cutest little wreath I ever did see!!! And the fabric you picked out is presh!!! I want one!!!

  14. I love this! So cute. I have a ton of fabric to use on a craft like this.

  15. Super cute! I love it. Very crafty.