Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's Get Physical!

Hello Blissfully Miller readers, I'm Tonya! I want to first thank Jessica for allowing me to visit and be a guest on her blog and share some awesome fitness tips and information with you! As a mom of three children (including a set of twins) I KNOW how difficult it can be to first of all find time to go to the gym and shed baby weight or just additional pounds that you may have had for a while and just haven’t been able to get rid of! EEEEKKK! 

My fitness journey started 3 years ago roughly about a year after I had my twins. Since I didn’t have a ton of time to physically go to the gym, I pressed play on my first P90X at home workout video and never looked back! Honestly, I’ve never had any trouble with being a big person due to genetics, but I KNEW I wasn’t in shape and I had gained some additional pounds after my twins!! With kids, I realized it was tough to get to the gym 3-4 times per week, so I took to RevAbs and P90X workouts that I could do right in the comfort of my own home while the kids were asleep! NO EXCUSES! I was working out maybe a couple times per week with the videos and TRYING to watch what I was eating, but It wasn’t until after I had my 3rd child in 2012, that I completely altered my diet and committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle. 6 weeks after having my last child, I went back into my fitness routine 6 weeks later (was cleared by my doctor of course) doing probably more cardio (kickboxing and abs) than anything to shed those pounds I had gained during my pregnancy. I stayed away from “trendy diets”, “pills” or “easy fixes” because those things are only temporary and you’re more likely to slip back into old habits. My current workout regime includes working out AT LEAST 5 times per week, in which you need to do about this frequently in order to see a REAL CHANGE in your body. I like to switch up my workouts with different group fitness classes such as spin, Barre, Pilates, kickboxing and resistance and cardio training at the gym, that way you give different muscles a chance to work! In addition to that, the best thing I ever did was get a fitness accountability partner (my husband!) and completely changed EVERYTHING that I was doing that was effecting my body negatively! My husband now holds me accountable for sticking to my daily workouts and helping me stick to clean eating! 

 My accountability partner!!!

With this change in lifestyle came my desire to motivate and inspire my fellow mommies, friends and family struggling with weight issues to become healthier, fit and essentially live longer! My husband and I created HisHer FitLife in June of 2013! Our Facebook page and website is committed to helping individuals and couples change their lives and improve their health through healthy eating and an active lifestyle! Our mission is encourage couples to work out together as well as individuals with their friends! On our website/page we share fitness tips, offer newsletters and also offer at home workout programs in addition to healthy and nutritional foods that will assist with burning that stubborn fat!
Which is actually one of the topics we discuss most, is how to burn off that fat that is SO hard to get rid of!! I probably get asked this question AT LEAST once per day!! And the answer is NOT what you would think! We can do 1,000 crunches, but that won’t MELT fat, it’ll only build onto the muscle that we have buried underneath. There is so much more that we need to consider in order to lose that fat:
1). HIIT Intervals or Cardio!
2). Remove sugar from your diet
3). Eat more protein!
4). Sleep
5). Eat!
The great thing about these tips is that it not ONLY applies to those frustrated mommies, but also to those who have struggled with trying to shed that extra tummy weight! Remember, belly fat isn’t something that can be spot reduced with fad diets and certain exercises. Instead, as part of healthy eating regimen and workout routine, these simple steps can help you zap stubborn belly fat faster and get the lean, sexy core that you’ve always wanted.

This is an example of some our blog topics that we share with our followers to encourage people to eat right and get on the path to a healthy lifestyle! We invite you to visit our website and follow our Facebook page @ HisHer FitLife for more detailed information and for daily workout and healthy eating tips!
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Stay Fit My Friends!


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