Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday's Wish List!

Happy hump day! I don't know about y'all, but I'm definitely ready to transition into Fall, even though it's still 90+ degrees in good ole TX! You would never know based on the lovely items on my wish list, though!

I could live in UGGS - literally. I have the standard UGGs in chestnut, but they are so worn out. I'm in desperate need of new ones and these have my name all over them! I'm still not sure which color I want... it's between the black and gray. Help me choose! 

I've had my eye on this Michael Kors Hamilton tote for what feels like forever {it's only been 2-weeks}. What can I say?! I've got the "I want a new purse" monkey on my back and she's not going anywhere until this baby is MINE! I mean, just look at the color...

I always get super dry skin in the winter, so I want to get a Clarisonic to better cleanse. I'm hoping my moisturizer will set better... Thoughts?

I have been wanting rain boots for a solid 3-years now and I kick myself every time it rains because I could be rockin' these cuties! I will get them this year.

This polish! I just saw it come across my Pinterest feed and knew I had to get this.. like this week. I might head to Ulta today at lunch. It's not only the perfect fall color, but its name is Dallas as in the city I was born and raised {and still live in} - enough said.

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Wednesday Randoms: 
- I've been extra inspired to get some DIY projects done around the house - so stay tuned to in the upcoming weeks! There's a headboard, photo wall, more stripes and a dining room reveal...

- Tyler surprised me with a trip to Aruba this past Friday! We will be in paradise for 10 days and I cannot wait! No work, phones or stress... just pure relaxation!

- I am so overwhelmed by the amazing friends I have made through my little blog. We text weekly, if not daily, and I can truly say that these ladies will be life-long friends.

- Family time can rejuvenate the soul. We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday on Saturday and it was just quality time between my parents, Tyler and I.. much needed!

-  I received something very sentimental this past weekend, which makes my heart so happy.

Let's get past the hump and get to the freaking weekend! :)

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  1. You absolutely NEED Hunter boots! I got mine for Christmas last year and wore them 4/5 days we were in NY because it snowed just about every day. They were perfect and so comfortable! You MUST buy them! Along with all other items as well! :) And what is this sentimental thing you received?! Do I know about it?!

  2. I love my Clarisonic! I feel like I can really tell that it is making a difference. The only thing that you have to worry about is taking extra time to get all of the soap out of the brush head. I've been lazy and not using mine in the summer, but I think I'll start back up soon. It does give your skin a little more of a "glow."

  3. WHAT to Aruba?!? When are you going? that is a crazy awesome surprise. And YES to the hamilton, arg I have wanted it for so long but can't seem to pull the trigger. I saw one at TJ Maxx/Marshalls though, thats where I've gotten a few so check there if you are interested!!

  4. That Essie color is so pretty! Rain boots are a must here, practical and cute is a bonus!

  5. RUNNNN to your nearest nordstrom and get the boots. You will NOT regret it. I can't imagine my life without them (ok maybe that was a bit dramatic, BUT seriously). Also, nosey nelly over here wants to know the sentimental gift ?!?!?!

  6. I love my clairsonic! I will definitly be adding that new essie shade to my ulta shopping trip I have planned for this afternoon!

  7. What?! Aruba! Jealous!!! I just ordered Target's knockoff Clarisonic for $35 and cant wait to try it. It has some great reviews

  8. Aruba!! That is amazing! I am so jealous.

    Love that Essie color.

  9. Aruba?! Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. How amazing! You're a lucky girl!
    I've been wanting a MK Hamilton tote for SO long. They're just too pretty.

  10. Is it weird that I wish it rained more here in California to where it will warrant me to get a pair of rain boots?? haha

  11. That purse... I love it!!! Hey, two weeks is a long time to wait when you REALLY love a purse! ;)