Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Love, The Nancy J Way!

Why hello there! My name is Jordon and I ramble daily over at Love Always, Nancy J.
I am taking over Blissfully Miller today as sweet Jessica is off working up a storm!
I am a recently engaged gal living out my happily ever after in Nashville, TN.
 I am a lover of the KY Wildcats and any Garth Brooks song will make my heart flutter.

I am currently planning my dream wedding with that hunk in the coral and I couldn't be more excited!
I wanted to share a few little ideas that made our recent engagement photos a total success.

-Wine is a good thing.
I know this goes without saying, but we added a little vino to our session and it made it so fun. We are by no means "lushes", but it definitely calmed our nerves and made us quite giggly for a large portion of the afternoon. :)
wine glasses via Etsy

-Love a Sports team? Throw it in the mix!
We are both avid lovers of the KY Wildcats, so our photos were not going to be made without the CATS making their debut! 

-Props, props, and more props.
I'm not gonna lie I feel like we did go a tad overboard with all of our props, but I couldn't narrow them down. They all had special meaning to us.
via Groopdealz
These all were engagement gifts from our friends and family. My best friend painted the picture for us and it has been the perfect addition to our home post-photos!

-Bribery WORKS
Tyler is a total man's man and "kissy" photos aren't exactly his thing. Honestly, they really aren't mine either, but I knew they had to happen. Offering a few meals and Argo on DVD later, I had that cutie kissing me left and right. Trust me ladies, IT IS WORTH IT.

Naturally we are both OVERLY goofy. Once  we got warmed up to the camera, there was no turning back. Some of these photos turned out to be my favorites!

We had a blast taking these photos and I love how our photographer was able to capture "us being us".  


HUGE thanks to Jordon for sharing her stunning engagement photos! Be sure to stop by her blog and say 'HI', she's a sweetheart!