Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Outlet Finds!

There is nothing that I love more than a great deal on clothing! J Crew Factory is my favorite outlet store. Period. That being said, I put together 5 outfit options that would be perfect for my weekday {AKA Work} attire; all from J. Crew Factory. Each piece is simple, but versatile, and a staple piece for any wardrobe. I repeated the shoes and belt in each outfit option since I already own them. It's safe to say that every other piece in on my 'buy' list.

I am loving the cobalt blue and yellow combo, hence this outfit creation!
1. Cardigan // 2. Dress // 3. Pumps // 4. Necklace // 5. Belt

Red, black and white are such classic colors, especially when combined! I wanted to pair it with turquoise jewelry to get that pop of color since I love red with turquoise!
1. Skirt // 2. Polka Dot Blouse // 3. Pumps // 4. Necklace // 5. Belt

When I saw these aqua linen pants I died with excitement! The options are endless with these pants.. I'm especially loving the black and white striped blouse with them! And for an additional pop of color - the neon yellow necklace. Perfection.
1. Striped Blouse // 2. Linen Pants // 3. Pumps // 4. Belt // 5. Necklace

I don't know about y'all, but I love mixing purples with oranges. Since they are both bold colors, I used one as a main piece (the skirt) and the other as an accessory (the necklace). I also made sure to keep the blouse neutral, with the chambray shirt.
1. Chambray Shirt // 2. Skirt // 3. Pumps // 4. Belt //5. Bubble Necklace

I have been wanting/needing this striped blazer for ages now! For a more casual look (casual Friday), I paired the blazer with skinny jeans, a red embellished tank and nude flats. I also kept the jewelry simple with bracelets and stud earrings - no need for a necklace, since the top had embellishment around the neckline.
1. Tank // 2. Blazer // 3. Jeans // 4. Studs // 5. Bracelet // 6. Gold Bracelet // 7. Flats // 8. Belt

A little randomness for this Wednesday:
- I started Pure Barre on March 1st and I can truly say it's the best workout I've ever done! It is completely changing my body!!
- I'm not buying any clothes (workout clothes excluded) until I lose a dress size or two (see above bullet) MOTIVATION
- March was an expensive month for the Millers... Tyler got two tickets and I hit our house.. with my car (I'll talk about that more when I'm not so embarrassed). Can you say unnecessary expenses?! 

 Which outfits are your favorite? What's your favorite outlet store? Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Enjoyed your blog! My fave is outfit #3. Love the mint pants. I have a pair and wear them often. So cute!

  2. Loveeee these outfits!! And you hit your house with your car?!?! How did you manage that?! I scrapped the side of my car on our garage recently and went and woke Joey up in tears, ha. It was ridiculous. My side mirror lost a small minor piece, but all the scratches on the side were able to be scrubbed out (thank goodness!). So I know the feeling!

  3. I LOVE that Blazer. I saw a stripe blazer similar recently and I didn't buy it and now I'm wishing I had!

  4. I loveeee jcrew outlet too. ugh and I am disappointed in myself for not taking full advantage of 50% off sale last weekend!

  5. Omg! I need those aqua pants... NEED! All of these outfits are so cute!! & I just googled Pure Barre lol. How often do you go to classes? I'm the same as you, I refuse to buy any clothes until I lose a size or two!

  6. I am obsessed with the J Crew Outlet. I have one less than 5 miles from my house. Needless to say, it's dangerous!

  7. Love all of first I thought you had bought it all and I was super jealous of your shopping spree!

  8. I'm obsessed with J Crew. I actually just went to the outlets in Allen yesterday after work, and I stocked up! All of those outfits are perfect!!

  9. I love the J Crew outlet! They always have such amazing sales! I have a store about 5 minutes from my house and it is DANGEROUS for my wallet!

  10. Don't unnecessary expenses come at the perfect time?? And... your house? My friend, you better be sharing that story (first, I hope no one was hurt) haha :) And the outfits? GAH!!! I NEED ALL OF IT!!!! sooo cute... if we gotta work all day, might as well look cute while doing it!

  11. Super cute outfits! Hopefully I get a job soon so I can start putting cute things like this together!

  12. Really cute outfits! I love the jewelry. My favorite outlet is the Banana Republic. But that could be because it's like 6 minutes from my house. ha.

  13. I am obsessed with polka dots and sheer tops!!!