Friday, April 5, 2013

Pure Barre Progress: 20th Class!

Wednesday marked my 20th Pure Barre class (in a 4-week time frame) and I can't tell you how in love I am with this workout! I literally want to go to class And when I can't make it to class I'm bummed. I can tell that my body is changing! My clothes are fitting better and I'm getting toned, as in major muscle definition. I can really tell a difference in my arms and the outer sides of my legs. I love feeling the burn and being sore the next day.

A few of you have been asking about Pure Barre so I thought I would share my results so far. I am so, so happy with the results! One of the biggest things to remember when taking Pure Bare is not to look at the scale - your weight will go up since you are gaining muscle (muscle weights more than fat). The best thing to do is measure yourself! Tyler had this measurement chart from his Isagenix Cleanse, so I copied it for Pure Barre.

 Measurements in Inches
Day 1                                                                    Day 20
Weight: 132.5                                                       Weight: 134.9
Neck: 12.25                                                          Neck: 12.25
Upper Arm (Left): 11.5                                          Upper Arm (Left): 11
Upper Arm (Right): 11.25                                     Upper Arm (Right): 11
Chest: 33                                                              Chest: 33.5
Diaphragm: 28.25                                                 Diaphragm: 27.5
Waist: 34                                                               Waist: 33.5
Abdomen: 27.25                                                   Abdomen: 26.75
Buttocks: 39.75                                                     Buttocks: 39.5
Upper Thigh (Left): 23                                          Upper Thigh (Left): 23.5
Upper Thigh (Right): 23.5                                     Upper Thigh (Right):  24
Calf (Left): 13.25                                                   Calf (Left): 13.5
Calf (Right): 14.25                                                 Calf (Right): 14.5
Upper Knee (Left): 15                                            Upper Knee (Left): 15
Upper Knee (Right): 15.25                                     Upper Knee (Right): 15
Total Inches: 301.5                                                 Total Inches: 300.5
In 20 classes (4-weeks) I've lost 1 inch overall! This might not sound like a lot, but it is to me.. I feel SO much better, I have more energy and my clothes are getting looser! I'm definitely going to continue Pure Barre classes - no doubt in my mind! In addition to Pure Barre, I'm going to add in running or elliptical at least 2-3 times a week. My diet... well I'm going to improve on that too! Less fast food, less fried foods and less desserts. That's a good start.

I'll be back in a few weeks to share more results! Well... what are you waiting for?! Click here to find a Pure Barre location near you!! You won't regret it, pinky promise!

It wouldn't be a proper Friday without Whitney's #BackThatAzzUpFriday link-up! Here's some Flo Rida to get this weekend started!

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Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!



  1. love this song! good luck with less desserts. thats my biggest challenge!
    congrats so far!

  2. Love this post! I love PB so much! I go to class as often as possible and wish that it was more. So happy that you've lost inches. I lost two pant sizes (not weight) just inches after my first few months of doing it and have maintained it now over a year later. I think PB has been the best thing for me to become motivated and excited about exercising. Glad you've found it too :)

  3. Congratulations girl that's awesome!!

  4. I really want to do Pure Barre, but they don't have one in my area!
    Congrats on your great results!

  5. I would looooove to go to one of these classes.
    Now to scheme, which one of my friends can I drag with me? muahaha

    Love your jam, girl. Happy Friday!

  6. WOOOOHOOOO!!! Go Jess!!! Those are awesome results!! You have me sold on this! I just need to talk myself into paying a lot for the classes, ha!

  7. I really want to try PB, but the one in our area is a good 20 minute drive and it is so so expensive. I feel that I can't justify that plus or regular gym membership. Boo.

  8. This is so exciting!! You go, lady! I need to look into this!

  9. There is a location literally right down the street from my apartment, and I've always been curious. I might have to get it a try!

  10. LOVE this!! And since I am one of the many that kept asking you about this, Thank you so much for sharing! haha ;) I think your results are fantastic and I am definitely looking into it.

  11. I'm a new follower and I'm so glad I found this post! I've been thinking about taking a pure barre class but just haven't done it yet. They are popping up all over here in the midwest!