Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Taste of Tuesday: Kocktails & Kouture!

 As you know, we had a girls weekend in Nashville this past weekend and the food was beyond amaze! One of my favorite restaurants that we went to was in The Gulch and had the perfect mix of glitz, glam and whimsy. I fell in love the moment we walked through the door. What restaurant you ask?! Kocktails and Kouture, which is right next to Bar Louie Nashville. We all got the small plates and shared which was the perfect amount! I had a blogger fail moment and didn't take a picture of the Lobster Guacamole - but it was too good to stop and do a photo-op... we literally inhaled it! You understand. Above we got the Shrimp and Pineapple Pizzetta, Mahi Tacos and the crab cakes - Can you say holy deliciousness?!

Oh - let's not forget about cocktails - I got the Devil Woman, you know, because I was feeling adventurous. It was basically a grapefruit margarita on the rock which was infused with jalapenos.. the perfect mix between sweet and spicy!

What are your favorite Nashville Restaurants? Have you been to Kocktails and Kouture? I'd love to hear your fav dishes from K&K for our next visit! :) HIGHLY recommend this restaurant for a girls dinner, work happy hour or a special date night with your main squeeze!

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Hope y'all are having a great week so far!



  1. Loved following your trip on IG! Looks like you guys had a great time!! Definitely checking out this restaurant the next time we visit Nashville!


  2. Oh, grapefruit and jalapenos... sounds intriguing! I have never had a jalapeno cocktail before, but I've been thinking of trying one lately because we have an abundance of jalapenos in our garden that I'm not sure what to do with!

  3. Love that we posted about the same restaurant, ha! Obviously we are always on the same page. :)

  4. Those apps look so good!! Devil Woman sounds like a good drink, never would have though jalapenos belonged in a drink but sure it adds a little kick!

  5. Jalapenos in a drink?! That sounds crazy! I love going out to eat and getting fun things like that.

  6. This sounds so amazing! Everything about that makes me want to go find a good place around here with seafood type entrees! I realized from last weeks link up you are in the big D area! Yay, me too! I'm originally from Austin but have been here for 4+ years and loving it! Again, that food looks so delish! Happy Tuesday!


  7. Love getting dressed up for a little glitz and glam style restaurant..so fun :) And the food looks ah-ma-zing!

  8. That cocktail looks delish! So does the food!

  9. The restaurant looks divine and is making my mouth water. Somehow reading this makes my Greek yogurt not as appetizing.

  10. Can we just go back? Thanks :)

  11. My Pretty Woman drink was soooo tasty! And yours was good too!! Let's go back :)