Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Drinks of Choice!

Happy Thursday, loves! With the Labor Day weekend coming up, I thought I'd share some of my favorite drinks! Whether out at happy hour, girls night, date night or on vacation - these are my go-to drinks of choice!

Cosmo: If I'm feeling fancy, I always opt for a cosmopolitan! It's the perfect drink for a well deserved girls night or a special date night!

Pina Colada: This is my go-to drink while lounging by the pool at the house or when we're on vacation! They just kept them coming on our honeymoon! :)

Cranberry Vodka: If I'm at happy hour, I will almost always get a cranberry vodka. My absolute favorite is when they serve white cranberry juice with vodka and top it with dried cranberries and a lime - YUM!

Fireball: Confession - I hadn't had Fireball until this past weekend... you know, our girls weekend in Nashville! We were out at the honky tonks and out came the Fireball shots!

Chardonnay: This is hands down my favorite wine and my go-to with dinner and/or a relaxing night of TV!

What are your favorite drinks? Have you tried Fireball? It's sort of amazing!

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  1. We are WAY too similar this week... I wrote a post to link up with Kristin too since it's her birthday, hahahaha. Mine is getting ready to go live. Can you please just live in the same city so we can hang out all the time and dress like twinkies?

  2. I love all of these drinks especially cranberry vodka for a night out and cosmos when I feel fancy! I have never tried fireball and I'm scared to!

  3. I mix Fireball in with my Holiday Eggnog...tastes like Christmas in your mouth...Love it!

  4. YEEEEEEEEES!!! My heart just went pitter patter when I saw Fireball made this list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, move to Nashville. K thanks ;)

  5. I used to love Cape Cods but I burnt myself out. Same with Fireball lol. I need a new drink!

  6. We have similar tastes, especially I love strawberry mixed into my Pina Colada for a Miami Vice! A fireball shot was the only sip of alcohol my sister in law had during her pregnancy before she knew and it was my fault. Whoops!

  7. Yum. Yum. Yum. and Yum!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  8. Okay so I am determined to try out this fireball shot this weekend. Make me do it. If you and Jordon both say it's good, I'm gonna take your word for it!