Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Friday + A Chicago Trip!!

EEK... It's Friday!! I'm especially excited for this weekend because we are going to Chicago for a little weekend getaway! I originally had to be in Chicago all next week for work, so Tyler suggested that we go early and spend the weekend there before the stressful week starts. I've been to Chicago {for work} about 10 times, but never really went site seeing and soaked up Chi-town. Now I get to, thanks to my sweet hubby! We are definitely making it a point to go to RPM Italian... I can't miss my chance at possibly running into Giuliana and Bill! And besides, their restaurant is delish! 

OK, OK... let's get down to business! If you follow me on IG, then you've seen these pictures and if you don't....get to it!! @jessicaselie ;)

 1. This past Tuesday, Ashley and I debuted our very first Taste of Tuesday! In case you missed it, here's the recipe for this Tortellini & White Bean Soup! If you love to cook or eat, then this link-up is perfect for you! See y'all on Tuesday's!
2. This rub is ah-mazing! It's perfect for shrimp, chicken, ribs.. you name it! We made BBQ chicken one night and used every.last.bit of it, so a reorder was a must!

3. Simply Fit Meals, need I say more?! When Tyler's out of town, I rarely cook for myself. So instead of heading to a drive-thru, I opted for a much healthier {and tasty} option. I love that the portions are already figured out and it takes 2 minutes to heat up. Perfection.

 4. I've never been happier for a 5am wake up call! Pure Barre will do that to you!! I'm in love with this workout! I've taken 5 classes (out of the 30 I've registered for) and I'm already seeing results! IN LOVE!

 5. I couldn't go to Chicago without a proper manicure! Koala Bear-y is one of my favorite OPI colors! Perfect for Spring.

What have y'all been up to this week? Are you going on a weekend getaway? I'd love to get some suggestions for places to go and things to do while we're in Chicago!!

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 Have a fantastic weekend!!



  1. So excited for your little getaway! Have a great trip! :)

  2. We have a place called "My Fit Foods" in Houston that does the same sort of thing. I love it. I think I love their containers more than the food sometimes. hehe

    Have fun in Chicago!! I have never been before, but it is on my list of places to go :)

    Stopping by from Insta-Friday.

  3. I just went to Chicago in January and I wrote about what I did, if it's not too late -

    Hope you have a great time!