Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stripes, Sliced Cucumber & Elephant Skin, Oh My!

Hi loves! It's been a while since I've posted a little DIY action, but that changes today! The majority of our house {with the exception of the guest bedrooms} is extremely boring with the beige.. it almost makes everything have a yellow tint - YUCK! We decided to spruce up our laundry room with stripes and I'm so glad that we did! It almost makes me want to do laundry.. almost. I wanted something refreshing, but contrasting and gray was a must for one of the colors. We decided on Elephant Skin for the gray and Sliced Cucumber for the pale, and refreshing, green. We are happy, happy, happy with the results! Now Tyler wants to do stripes in another room... so we'll see!

My Inspiration:

 Here's the boring beige.. so blah!

Step 1:
Using the lightest color, paint the entire wall(s). For us, we painted the walls Sliced Cucumber and we painted the ceiling Elephant Skin.. we wanted absolutely no beige left!

Step 2:
Measure the wall, divide the wall horizontally with painters tape (we used frog tape), then lightly paint against the tape to seal it from leaking. Ours wall is 116" tall, so we divided the wall into 8 stripes (the bottom two stripes were 16" and the top six stripes were 14"). You can't even tell that they are different dimensions!
Helpful hint: seal the tape with the base color, not the second color, that way what leaks through won't matter. Let that dry then paint your second color and it won't leak because the base color already sealed it.

 Step 3:
Using the contrasting color, paint every other stripe. Since we painted our ceiling gray, we started from the top using green, so there would be a contrast.

 Step 4:
Even though we "sealed" the tape, there were still mess ups. Once the paint has dried completely (and you've removed the previous tape) re-tape on top of the color that leaked. Then lightly cover with the other color and remove the tape immediately. It's a tedious process, but the results are SO worth it!

 Here's the finished product! We are in love.. makes such a difference!

Now that the painting's done, we have a few more to-dos left in the Laundry Room! Here's the rundown:

- Add some sort of window treatments
- Add a runner/rug
- Framed wall art & accessories
- New light fixture (something like this)
- Paint cabinets/base boards/door (they're all off-white)
- New washer/dryer (Would these old things die already!)

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Happy Thursday, y'all!



  1. OMG come paint my walls please!!! Love the strips! It's so fun! "Would these old things die already" haha! I know how you feel! Joey actually bought us a really nice washer/dryer before I came into the picture, but I am dying to have red ones! I refuse to buy them (since it's a "no fun" purchase) until the current ones die, which is probably a longgg time from now, ha (HOPEFULLY! don't want to jinx myself).

  2. I love how this came out. I did a striped wall in my bathroom with Red and lt brown, though already want to repaint. I know I am crazy! I love that you painted the ceiling too! Great job!

  3. I love it!!! Turned out so good! We are doing a striped wall in our nursery so this just made em really excited cause yours looks so great!!

  4. ooooo lala how cute! It ALMOST makes me want to do laundry too! ;)

  5. LOVE this! Can't wait to see it next week when we do dinner! One little step 2 when you "sealed" the tape so nothing would leak...seal it with the green color, not the gray!!! That way what leaks through won't matter. Let that dry then paint your grey color and the gray won't leak bc the green already sealed it :)

  6. we just moved in to our first house and everything is neutral... i'm really wanting to get creative in a few rooms... you did a great job!

  7. I love this! I agree with your hubby you should do it in another room. It looks so great!

  8. I LOVE striped walls!! This looks SO good!! I want to do a striped wall for sure!

  9. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :)

    thank you for linking this up with us!

  10. Looks so great, girlie!!! I have been wanting to do something similar in our house :)

  11. Our laundry room is our "fun" room too. It's much less overwhelming to do something drastic in a small place first. Love the stripes! I vote to definitely do them in more rooms - in fact I've got one room in my mind at my house ;)

  12. It turned out great! Loving the stripes. :)

  13. I absolutely LOVE this! Come do my entire house! ;)