Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Daily Reads

I just entered in to my 2nd month of blogging and I absolutely love it! It's such a creative outlet to just express myself and what's going on in my life at that moment. The blogging community is so welcoming and I've met some awesome ladies that I can truly call friends.

I've stumbled upon a few blogs that are my go-to daily reads. Why, you ask? Well, I tend to gravitate to any, and all, things related to fashion, food, DIY, wine, beauty and did I mention food? These blogs are all of that and a bag of chips! To get the full scoop, keep reading and be sure to check these lovely ladies out!

Erin is such a sweetheart! I love going to her blog every.single.day because she is so full of life and spunk! I literally laugh out loud at some of her posts and can relate to most of them! Her motto is to live her life, while having a blast {and a glass of wine}. Her outlook on life is amazing and one I'd like to practice. She also has great blogging advice to help out the newbies! Get to steppin' and see for yourself how awesome Living in Yellow is!
Living in Yellow

If you haven't noticed, I absolutely LOVE food - so of course Kelly's blog is on my 'daily reads' list! She has the best {healthy} recipes on the block! She even lists the nutritional information below the recipe and follows the Weight Watchers points system. Amazefest! So mosey on over to Eat Yourself Skinny! Your taste buds will thank you.
Eat Yourself Skinny
Eat Yourself Skinny

Sarah from Tucker Up is one of my best friends! We met in grad school and became instant friends. We love to shop, eat and get mani/pedi's on a regular basis! Sarah's blog is one of my faves and not just because she's my bestie. Not only is she hilarious, but she is also honest.. some great qualities! She, too, recently got married and bought a house. Her blog is full of outfit posts, DIY projects, recipes and her daily life as a newlywed and new homeowner. What are you waiting for?! Go check out her blog and give her some love!
Tucker Up

I have been following Shanna for a few months now and I am always in awe of her amazing fashion sense. She pairs items that I would've never thought to put together and her outfits are to die for! She's so talented! Talented enough that she started consulting as her job {my dream}... and I want to be her next client!! Go browse her blog.. you won't be sorry!! :)
Because Shanna Said So

I met Aubrey of The Kinch Life a few months ago while researching blog designers. After speaking with her via e-mail, I instantly knew that I wanted her to design my blog! She was so outgoing and talked to me like we were long-time friends. Her pricing is very reasonable and she responds in a timely manner. Her blog is adorable and full of great wardrobe and hair tips!! Don't delay.. go visit Aubrey!
The Kinch Life

Which blogs do you fancy and read on a daily basis? Have a fabulous day!



  1. You are SO kind!
    Thank you for sharing this today, jess!


  2. How did you get so many followers in such a short time span? What is your secret? :)