Friday, February 1, 2013

YHL's Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge!

Thanks to the always fabulous Sherry and John Petersik from Young House Love, today's post is a little different and a lot of fun!! If you haven't heard the Thrift Shop song from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, you need to ASAP!! It's pretty amazing... A real toe-tapper, as my dad would say. And besides... this entire post is revolved around that song, so get to listening if you want this to make any sense! :)

J-Boom and The Real $herdog put together a little Thrift Store Challenge... Macklemore style!! Who doesn't love amazing thrift store finds + a scavenger hunt?!

This challenge had 3 little rules:

1. Go to a thrift shop with “$20 in your pocket” and take a picture.

2. Spend your $20 any way you like and take pictures of your spoils.
You can never have too many candle holders! At least that's what I tell Tyler. These might be a different color next time you see them.
We've been looking for a taller plant like this. We might re-paint the base, depending on where we decide to put it in the house.
Budget Breakdown: Small Candle Holder: $1.99 / Medium Candle Holder: $2.99 / Plant: $12.99 (When I got to the cash register, the plant ended up being $9.99!!)  Grand Total: $16.29 with tax. Not too shabby!

3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and take a picture.

 I had such a blast with this challenge!! I'm a sucker for a scavenger hunt and I ended up finding 6 items from the song! That was definitely the best part of this challenge.. finding the items, being goofy, being laughed at and laughing at myself!! I can't wait to see what everyone found for their spoils and on their hunt!

Have a great weekend!!

Linking up with John and Sherry from Young House Love!

PS: LOVED getting to meet y'all in Dallas!!! :)



  1. Um so I'm kind of jealous that you got to meet them! I think they're pretty fantastic! Such a fun challenge!

  2. That was a very clever post! Really enjoyed. Great shopping skills too.