Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIWW: Bold Print with the Fur!

It's back in the 30's in Dallas, so I knew it was the perfect time to break out the fur... especially since I might not get another opportunity this season! I got this vest a few months ago for a steal! I wasn't willing to pay full price {$108}, so when I saw it was on sale for 40% off, I jumped on it! Ah, this top... I have been really into bold prints with lots of color lately, so when I stumbled upon this top I had to have it. I have been looking for a long, flowy solid top to wear with this vest, but of course - no such luck. I was feeling extra bold this morning and decided to mix the pattern with the fur and it actually works well together! At least I think so. 

Oh and please excuse our pool... we just had a storm, which blew in a ton of stuff and Hank (our skimmer) gets tangled and stuck, therefore he can't do his job properly. And it's definitely too cold for this girl to get in with the vacuum thingy! Next week it will be clean {hopefully}!

What are you mixing your fur with? Does your skimmer give you problems too? 
Happy Wednesday!



  1. LOVE the fur and the vest layered together. Retro, but in the cool way, not the "outdated" way :)

    Found you via What I Wore Wednesday.

  2. Cutie :) I have such cute friends!

    Thanks for linking up!