Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Home + A Tour!

Welcome to our home!! What a journey it was getting this baby, too! Let's rewind to May 2012.. that's when Tyler and I started throwing around the idea of buying a new house. We were living in a 3-story townhouse, which was perfect for Tyler, me and the [fur] babies. Not so perfect for entertaining larger groups of friends/family or having house guests for longer than a weekend - can you say crowded!  We've always wanted to have holidays at our house, but that was impossible at the townhouse.

A co-worker recommended Matt Norton of The Norton Real Estate Team.. He. Is. Awesome. He is honest, hard working and puts in 150%! Once Tyler and I narrowed down our cities as to where we wanted to start searching, he took us to see over 20 houses in one weekend - literally! And not one had everything that we wanted - close, but no cigar! We are PICKY.. both of us! And we had a long list of wants/needs (pool, outdoor kitchen, 3-car garage, etc.). Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend.. we get a call from Matt on Friday evening saying that he found our dream house. He sent us the listing and Ohh Eemmm Geee, I fell in love! It literally had everything on our list!! Fate?? We get there bright and early for the showing, with our check book, and it was a full house. Just imagine me mean-mugging the competition... In my mind, the house was ours. So we put our offer down, called our mortgage guy and patiently waited. Did I mention it was a holiday?! By Sunday we had discovered that another bid had been put in, so the bidding war was on. We finalized our offer and again, more waiting. They put us off until Tuesday.. We got the call at work and they went with the other buyer. I'll admit - I was pissed and sad at the same time. I was not-so-secretly hoping that their offer would fall through too(I forgot to mention that this house was back on the market because the previous offer went through).. I know, I know - that's not the nicest thing to wish on someone, but I had already started decorating the house in my head! Matt said that they had 10-days for something to go wrong and if it did, the house would be back on the market. A week, or so, later I was doing homework and thinking.. "Wow, I have so much going on right now... Work, grad school and planning our wedding - the last thing I would need is to buy a new house and move! So us not getting the house was for a reason." I literally thought that thought and Tyler get's a call saying that something happened with the other buyer and our bid was accepted (I guess they didn't want to put the house on the market for a 3rd time (happy dance). EEEEKKKK!!! BOOOOYAAAAA!!! Ya, those were my choice words when I found out!! :) So - We leased out our Townhouse and moved into this beauty on July 22, 2012! Just a month before our wedding date!

Here's a tour! 
Warning.. there are some bright paint colors in the former kids rooms.

 Living Room


 Breakfast Nook

Dining Room

This is our junk room right now - and no, I didn't clean up for the picture. Tyler's probably definitely mortified.

Master Bedroom
We are doing a complete overhaul on this room! New furniture, bedding, paint, curtains and decorations! It's so bare and we hate the color of the room.

Master Bathroom

Laundry Room

Butler's Pantry

Guest Bedroom 1
Yes, both of these colors are in one room!!

 Guest Bathroom 1
Boring 'Builder's Beige'

Guest Bedroom 2
AKA: Murray's Room
The previous owner's loved to mix flat paint with eggshell...

 Guest Bedroom 3
Even the ceiling is painted.

Jack/Jill Bathroom

Game Room

 Media Room

3 Car Garage

We have lots and lots of room updates and DIY projects ahead for us! Stay tuned for the 'After' pictures - you won't want to miss the transformations!!



  1. Wow this is gorgeous! (well minus the crazy paint colors that the previous owners chose haha) I can't wait to see how you decorate all of the rooms!

  2. Amazing house! Congrats on getting it! I know about the funky colored rooms. We moved into our house in March and two of our rooms are referred to an the "Purple" room and the "Cloud" room! I still haven't painted them yet, but they are on my to-do list!

    1. Thank you, ma'am!! Our to-do list is miles long, but we are getting there S L O W L Y! One thing we ran into.. they let their kids paint their rooms and the base boards and carpet have drips/spills! All things you don't notice when looking, since furniture is strategically placed. Can't wait to see your room transformations! :)


  3. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. And that house, Jessica, was meant for you! ^__^ Now you can invite your family and friends to stay over the weekends. Your house is also perfect venue for family gatherings. And what “wowed” me the most is that it even has a media room. I don’t think you would ever need to go to the movie theater any longer because of this room. Nice, eh! Can’t wait to see the updates!

    Calvin Mordarski

  4. This house is a great graduation and wedding gift for you, don’t you think? Anyway, bidding for your dream home must’ve been agitating! Good thing it still ended up in your ownership. By the way, the house looked really lovely. It’s also spacious for your needs with friends and family gathering. I’m happy to know that you didn’t have much difficulty getting it.

    Sage Leung