Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Challenge: 10 in 35!

I noticed that the adorable Courtney from Life Well Expected was doing the 10 in 35 challenge, and, with how I've been feeling about my body lately (and in general), it's the perfect thing to get my butt in gear! Bree from The Thing About Joy is the challenger!

The Thing About Joy

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a "I'm going to lose x-amount of weight" person. Over the past 5-years I've gained about 25 pounds, putting me at roughly 130-132. No, that's not overweight, but it's the heaviest I've ever been AND the most uncomfortable. I literally feel like a stuffed sausage! I'm not as confident as I used to be and my clothes just aren't fitting like I would like them too. It would be amazing to wear an outfit and not have to worry about a muffin top or sucking in my tummy, or a co-worker asking me if I'm pregnant - yes, that happened.. recently.

My Motivators:
I want to look good for my husband (even thought he says I look great)
I want to be and feel healthier
I have really bad acid reflux (losing weight in my stomach will help)
I want to boost my confidence and feel better in my clothes
I want more energy
We are going on vacation soon, and I want to look my best

The Plan: How I plan to lose 10 in 35!
 Exercise 4-6 times per week
Attend 2 spin classes per week
Start Pure Barre or Barre Amped classes (1-2 per week)
At least 30 minutes of cardio, when working out 
Limit portion sizes for each meal
Eat healthier (nothing fried)
Drink more water each day (I don't drink sodas)
Be more active in general
Get enough sleep

I'm excited about this goal! It's not just about the weight, it's about me feeling confident and being a healthier me.

So, are you ready to accept the challenge? Bree has created a Facebook page and she'll be posting updates there as well as on her blog. 

February 11th will be the big link-up where we all share our success stories! =)

Now grab the button & get moving!
The Thing About Joy
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