Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday! I'm planning a shopping day with my mom for Saturday and of course Pinterest is my go-to! I look at Pinterest, pre shop online and map out our shopping adventure! So, you might be thinking I'm a bit of a nut, but I like to plan!! Guilty. But, if you know me, you know it's just the norm.

I absolutely adore the black, red, white and gold color combo, if you couldn't already tell from my blog design! I already own most of this outfit, so the main item on my list is a polka dot sweater or blouse.


Source: via Jessica on Pinterest.

I am loving the maxi skirt for fall/winter! I never jumped on the bandwagon over the summer, so I am in search of one this weekend! I am also in need of a black and white striped top..
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest.
The look below is SO cute! It's simple with a punch. I already have a plaid shirt and the pearls, so I just need the thicker striped sweater.
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest.

I already have every piece from this outfit and it's definitely one of my faves!
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest.

 I am in desperate need of these chevron tights! I'd like to think that if I had these tights, I'd wear more skirts/dresses during the winter months, but I don't know... I get SO cold. I'm on the hunt for them anyways!! :)
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest.

Do you ever find yourself saying "I need more belts in my life"? Well, I've been saying this a lot lately. This tutorial is so helpful...I need some skinny belts, STAT. Gold, red and leopard are on my radar for this weekend.
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest.

 These bracelets are ah-mazing and I will be in search of these or something similar!
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest.
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest.
Essie's Bobbing for Baubles (above) is my go-to nail color this season! It's not as harsh as black, but it's still a bold color.
So, polka dots, stripes, maxi skirts, belts and arm candy are hopefully in my future this weekend! What are your favorite must-have trends? Planning any shopping adventures?

Have a great day!! :)
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  1. I loved every single pin!
    Chevron tights? yes please!!!!

    Happy to have found your blog.